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The Jadepay Project is a decentralized peer-to-peer banking financial platform, created under an open source license, featuring a built-in cryptocurrency, end-to-end encrypted messaging and decentralized marketplace. The decentralized network aims to provide anonymity and privacy for everyone through a simple user-friendly interface by taking care of all the advanced cryptography in the background.
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Features & Specification
Main Features Jadepay

Open Source and Decentralized

Jadepay is a blockchain based coin which is open source and decentralized.

Best Secure Algorithm

The Jad8 algorithm is one of the most secure

encryption algorithms, A combination of Skein, Jh, Keccak, Bmw, Luffa, Simd, Echo and Shavite crypto algorithms.

Purified Some Bugs of


Purified Some Blockchain Bugs Most cryptocurrencies live with some bugs that may cause big problems in the future. Jadepay identified and solved these problems before going live, delivering a stable blockchain.

Instant Send

InstantSend is an advanced service that allows for near-instant transactions to take place.

With this system, inputs can be locked to specific transactions and verified by consensus of the masternode network.

Anonymous Send

Anonymous Send starts off by breaking your transaction inputs down into standard denominations. These denominations are 10000, 1000, 100, 10, 1 and 0.1 JADE – kind of like the paper money that you use every day.

Dark Gravity

Dark Gravity Wave, or 'DGW' works by adjusting the difficulty levels for every block by the checking last 20 blocks (instead of every 2016 blocks like Bitcoin), using statistical data of the last blocks found.

Common Sensible Block Size

Block Size is designed as 4MB. This is 4x greater than Bitcoin's block size, while also having just 2 minutes block time which is 5x less than Bitcoin.

In total Jadepay is able to process 20x more transactions than Bitcoin.

Unique and Profitable Reward System

Jadepay is designed to provide optimal profits for miners and masternode holders. For this reason, it has been redesigned with a unique supply methodology instead of the classic method used in most cryptocurrencies.

With Masternodes Earn While You Sleep

Owners of Jadepay Masternodes, can earn high block rewards without mining.

PoW: New Algo Jad8, Combine With 8 Algoritm
Blocktime : 180 seconds (3 minutes)
Reward Block 1 - 480 : 5 JADE
Reward Block 481 - 172800 : 10 JADE ( 4 POW + 6 MN )
Reward Block 172800 – End Of POW : 8 JADE ( 4 POW + 4 MN )
Block Confirms for Mined Blocks : 100 ( 300 Minutes )
Block Confirms for Send/Receive : 10 ( 30 Minutes )
Block Maximum Size : 4 MB
Total MaxCoins : 25.000.000
Difficulty Adjustments Every Blocks (180s) With DGW
Premine : 400.000 (1.6 % of Max coin)
Minimum Transaction Fee : 0,0001 JADE
Default Port / RPC Port : 22155 / 22156

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Jadepay Launch (1.08.2018)
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